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Sacred Devil's Tower - Wyoming Travel

See the Devil's Tower in Wyoming.

The United States is full of natural wonders. Among them is the Devil's Tower, which resides in Wyoming.

Set in the Black Hills, it is essentially a rock monument which stems from a rolling prairie.

The tower is thought to be sacred to tribes who frequent the area. There are hundreds of depressions or lines in the side of Devil's Tower which make it a perfect crack climbing area.

There is also a 1.3 mile paved trail that circles the tower, allowing visitors to experience the true size.

It stands more than 1,200 feet above the surrounding land and the summit rises over 5,000 feet above sea level.

The boundary of Devil's Tower encloses more than 1,300 acres.

In 1906, the beautiful site was declared a United States National Monument by President Theodore Roosevelt.

Geologists aren't quite sure how it came about; however some believe the tower is a volcanic plug or the neck of an extinct volcano.

The rock at the monument is estimated to be 40 million years old."

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