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Would You Take On These Huge Bungy Jumps In Queenstown, NZ? (World Nomads Extraordinary Experiences)

Would you launch yourself off the 134 metre Nevis Bungy in Queenstown? It might seem easy when watching a video like this, but when you're out on the ledge, that's when the real adrenaline kicks in. So what did it take to get World Nomad Jabari Smith across the line and soaring off the edge? Watch, and find out!


Thanks to the brilliant operators over at AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand for all your help with Jabari's jump!


Director: Jesse Chard
Cinematography: Dan Usher and Jesse Chard
Editing: Blake Glouah
Producer: Pearse Moran and Parinaz Bilimoria
Executive Producer: Jesse Chard


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