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Vocabulary TRAVEL and TOURISM (Lesson 13)

An English vocabulary lesson on the theme of TRAVEL and TOURISM. For upper intermediate and advanced learners.

self catering
half board
full board
all inclusive

package tour

hotel facilities
travel insurance
pack your suitcase
weigh your suitcase
wrap up your luggage
go to terminal 2

book a window/aisle seat
fly with a budget airline
cancel a booking
pay a cancellation fee
get a trolley for baggage
dash to the check in desk
grab your boarding pass
head for the departure lounge

a 2 hour delay
go to gate 14
declare your goods at customs

Interfere / tamper with your luggage
go to baggage reclaim
air crew / flight staff
flight attendant

a thirst for adventure
get itchy feet
go trekking in the wilderness
find a place 'off the beaten track'

go sightseeing / sunbathing
get sunburn
go for a paddle

an arduous journey

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