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Over 50s Holiday experiences from Headwater
Headwater holidays are all about getting under the skin of the place you’re visiting and, by walking or cycling through the countryside at your own pace, you’ll discover more about the people, customs, history and culture than you ever could on an ordinary over 50s holiday.

Headwater - Celebrating 30 YearsYou’ll enjoy close encounters with nature too with Headwater – just breathing in the crisp, clean air feels good! Some places, such as Portugal, Andalucia or the Canaries lie on the main migratory routes from Africa, and are a bird-spotters’ paradise. Islands are full of botanical interest – the “Floating Island” of Madeira is a paradise of tropical flowers and exotic trees, while Gozo’s lemons, figs and peaches flourish in the year-round temperate climate.

Over 50s Holiday
When hand-picking where to stay, Headwater look for intimate, family-run hotels run by people who genuinely love what they do!  So, we have historic castles, old manor houses, boutique farm-hotels, stylish villas and converted convents with wonderful cloisters and hidden courtyards. Wherever you choose, you are assured a warm, friendly welcome, great regional cuisine and fine local wines.

Most importantly, you can be as active (or not!) as you choose with Headwater – we certainly don’t just appeal to the super-fit and healthy! Some holidays are guided, others independent; often you’ll move from one hotel to another, or you can opt to stay in just one place. Every Headwater holiday is graded so that you know what level of activity to expect.

We provide the canvas and palette then leave you to paint your own picture.

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