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Car Rental

Car Rental – Vocabulary

▪    Rental car

▪    compact

▪    economy

▪    standard

▪    full size

▪    luxury

▪    SUV (sports utility vehicle)

▪    pickup truck

▪    minivan


◦    car insurance

◦    daily rate

◦    damage waiver

◦    driving record

◦    mileage limit

◦    no-show fee

◦    drop-off charge

◦    rental agreement

◦    weekend special


  • do a visual inspection
  • leave a deposit
  • make a reservation
  • pick up the car
  • return /drop off the car
  • sign a rental agreement


▪    Do you have any cars available?

▪    I'd like to rent a standard-size car.

▪    How much is car insurance per day?

▪    When do I need to return the car?

▪    How old do you have to be to rent a car?

▪    Is the tank full? Do I have to fill up the tank?



Imagine that you want to rent a full size car for five days in Ireland (Monday-Friday). Use the Internet to find the company that offers the cheapest deal for your trip. Compare your results with a partner.

Also, add in the cost of additional car insurance per day for the car rental.

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