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Making suggestions

Pour faire des suggestions

You might like to think it over before giving me your decision = peut-être souhaitez-vous

You could stop off in Venice for a day or two, if you like = vous pourriez ... si vous voulez

I've got an idea - let's organize a self-drive tour in Ireland! = organisons

If you have ve no objection(s), I'll ask them first if the flight is still available = si vous n'avez pas d'objections, je

I would recommend (that) you discuss it with him before making a decision = je vous recommande de

It could be in your interest to have a word with the tour operator first = il serait peut-être dans votre intérêt de

There's a lot to be said for traveling alone = a beaucoup d'avantages

I suggest that ou I'd like to suggest that you take a longer holiday = je suggère que

It might be a good thing ou a good idea to warn her about the safety conditions = ce serait peut-être une bonne idée de

■ Perhaps you should take up bungee-jumping = vous devriez peut-être

If I may make a suggestion, a full size car might suit you better = si je peux me permettre une suggestion

Might I be allowed to offer a little advice? - talk it over with a travel agent before you go any further = puis-je me permettre de vous donner un conseil ?

What would you say to a trip to a sunny destination next week? = que diriez-vous de

Would you like to go away on a honeymoon trip? = aimeriez-vous

What if you try ignoring her and see if that stops her complaining? = et si

What you need is a change of scene. Why not go on a cruise or to a resort? = pourquoi ne pas

What do you think about taking a tailor-made holiday? = que pensez-vous de

Would you care to have a look at our brochure? (soutenu) = voudriez-vous 

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