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Toulouse + Pyrenees? Tips for a scenic 10 day itinerary?

28 March 2016, 18:24


For this Year our idea (me and my wife) is to ENJOY a nice drive throughout SCENIC ROUTES where we can enjoy beautiful views, mountains, lakes, castles, old villages, one stop here and there, a coffee or a wine here and there, you know…

For this we shall be flying into Toulouse. From there we will rent a car and drive around (10 days only to spare).

My question is: What would be a NICE ITINERARY around Toulouse area for these 10 days? I was thinking of including the Pyrenees in this Itinerary. What else??? What are the other picturesque, must to see, places in this area?

Any tips will be very welcomed!

Franck & Claudia, New York 

Great Tourist Sites in Midi-Pyrénées

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