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10 days Canadian Rockies

I'm in my late twenties, female, doing a solo trip of Canada in July. I have 10 days for the Canadian Rockies.. well the fairly standard return trip from Vancouver to Jasper / Banff with stops along the way and the Icefields Parkway. I'm adventurous and want to get a lot of activities / hiking/ nature in during my time.

I have a hire car booked and ready to go, but a part of me wonders whether I'd have more fun as part of a tour group.. i.e. to make friends and hike together etc. I'm sure I'll meet people at hostels but even just the long drives would be fun with people.

What do you think about the itinerary offered by Moose Travel network? (or other similar budget travel/coach like trips). I'm looking at

It's 10 days and covers all the main spots. I'm a little concerned that there isn't a lot of time in any one spot as I really do want to get out there hiking for at least a few days. Is it a fair itinerary? Or am I better off doing it solo with a car?


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