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10 Nights in New Zealand

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We will be in New Zealand for ten nights. We arrive into Auckland on Christmas, 25 December 2016 and depart from Auckland on 4 January 2017. We are looking for recommendations for our time. We like to be pretty active with hiking, walking and biking. We also like wine, local pubs with local beer, and seafood. We don't really care for sitting in cars for 4 hours a day, clubbing and late night parties.

We are thinking of trying to spend a couple days in just a few cities within NZ and planning excursions from those cities. We are starting in Auckland (where our flight arrives) and we're thinking about ending in Queenstown. After a couple days in Queenstown, we'd fly back to Auckland for our flight out the following day.

Considering our interests, are there any suggestions for:

1. Things to do in and around Auckland.

2. A city or cities to visit between Auckland and Queenstown.

3. Things to do in and around Queenstown.

4. Transportation options (we prefer plane, auto or train).

Thank you very much in advance for your thoughts.

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