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Conversation between travel agency and customer for booking ticket

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How may I help you? 
Caller: Yes, I'd like to make a flight reservation for the twenty-third of this month.
Travel Agent: Okay. What is your destination?
Caller: Well. I'm flying to Helsinki, Finland.
Travel Agent: Okay. Let me check what flights are available?. [Okay] And when will you be returning?
Caller: Uh, well, I'd like to catch a return flight on the twenty-ninth. Oh, and I'd like the cheapest flight available.
Travel Agent: Okay. Let me see. Um, hmm . . .
Caller: Yeah?
Travel Agent: Well, the price for the flight is almost double the price you would pay if you leave the day before.
Caller: Whoo. Let's go with the cheaper flight. By the way, how much is it?
Travel Agent: It's only $980.
Caller: Alright. Well, let's go with that.
Travel Agent: Okay. That's flight 1070 from Salt Lake City to New York, Kennedy Airport, transferring to flight 90 from Kennedy to Helsinki.
Caller: And what are the departure and arrival times for each of those flights?
Travel Agent: It leaves Salt Lake City at 10:00 AM, arriving in New York at 4:35 PM, then transferring to flight 90 at 5:55 PM, and arriving in Helsinki at 8:30 AM the next day.
Caller: Alright. And, uh, I'd like to request a vegetarian meal.
Travel Agent: Sure, no problem. And could I have you name please?

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