Tourism English Online

Revision CCF





US National Parks


Main Facts

Top 10 most visited parks

Descriptive adjectives (the setting, the experience)

Giving advice

Making recommendations

Washington, DC

Neoclassical architecture

Major historic monuments

The National Mall

The National Air & Space Museum

Georgetown Historic District

Describing monuments

Giving information about opening hours etc.

Giving historical information

World Famous Architecture

Modern architecture

Tall Buildings

Historic Buildings

Neoclassical architecture

Art Deco

How to present an architectural work of art?

Introduction, description, interpretation, conclusion

The Cathars

Educational tourism

Cathars Beliefs

The Monségur Castle

Historical knowledge

Guiding Tour


Discussion items


Tourism Studies

Talk about this tourism course and your internships.

New Travel Trends for 2017

The Experts’ views

The Pared Back Hotel

European Islands

The Edible Resort

Sailing Adventures

Polar Travel

The Tourism sector today

Situation in France after the attacks

Situation in the UK after the Brexit vote

American Tourists

Your first trip to France? What to avoid…

What the French really think of foreign travelers…

Sustainable Travel

A presentation of sustainable travel

The guiding principles of responsible tourism

The benefits of sustainable travel

This year’s tasks

Write an itinerary of a hiking trip across a US National Park.

Describe a major neoclassical monument in Washington, D.C.

Present a major architectural masterpiece.

Prepare a guiding tour of the Monségur Castle site.

Create a responsible travel package.

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